Woolworths in Ruislip

Woolworths 124 High Street Ruislip

Woolworths High Street Ruislip
Below is a picture of the old Woolworths store that was once at 124 High Street, Ruislip (opposite Brickwall Lane that runs off the high street. The building was (and still is) most unusual in that whilst it has a full height facade there was actually no flat above the store and the windows etc. were false. This can clearly be seen on the images below.

Woolworths Ruislip around 2008

Woolworths Ruislip High Street

Woolworths Ruislip
Closing Down

Woolworths 124 Ruislip High Street

Woolworths Ruislip
the last picture

Woolworths in Ruislip High Street

Woolworths Ruislip

Woolworths in Ruislip The Final End

Woolworths Ruislip
A painting

Painting of Woolworths in Ruislip

Tesco Ruislip
in what was Woolworths

Woolworths Ruislip High Street that was

The Old Farm House that was once on the site

Wilkes Farm Ruislip
Wilkins Farm

Woolworths In
Ruislip Manor

Woolworths Ruislip Manor
For some reason very few pictures seem to exit of this shop