Windmill Hill Planning Problem

A strange tale of a roof on a house at 8 Windmill Hill Ruislip

8 Windmill Hill today
In December 2012 the house at 8 Windmill Hill Ruislip was sold to a local business man and in 2013 he renovated it. 
8 Windmill Hill with the roof removed.
He decided to modernise the property and converted the loft in to a room. It appears the works were done without planning permission and in effect the work added an extra story to the house. Objections were raised and the council were approached for retrospective planning permission which was refused.
Three story house on Windmill Hill
The owner then revealed that the council had tried unsuccessfully purchase his office building off him, and when that failed he cited the council turned their attention to his house.

8 Windmill Hill with the roof removed.
A "stand-off" ensued and the owner was told he had to remove the roof, which he duly did and for a long time the house stood surrounded in scaffolding ad had a temporary structure placed over it to keep the rain out.

8 Windmill Hill Today

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