Sweeneys Ruislip High Street

Sweeney's Pub Ruislip High Street

Bar 101 Ruislip

Sweeney's in Ruislip High Street

Altons of Ruislip for schoolwear
Closed around 2015

Formerly Alton's the outfitters and school uniform shop in Ruislip High Street now a trendy pub Sweeneys was a popular pub which was eventually taken on by the people who (then) owned The Woodman in Eastcote and turning in to Bar 101 a trendy nightclub type place with a late licence. 

This eventually closed down having had their music licence revoked and in 2020 became a restaurant, and the people living locally slept soundly again. 

Where was it, by road

Midway between Ickenham Road / Midcroft crossroads and the traffic lights at King Lodge in Ruislip High Street. 

Sweeney's in Ruislip High Street

Sweeneys in Ruislip
Sweeneys in Ruislip closed in around 2015

Sweeney's Ruislip High Street

Sweeneys in Ruislip High Street 2009

Sweeneys in Ruislip pictured in 2009