Mementos from Ruislip

Ruislip Drinks Coaster

Ruislip drinks coasters
Ruislip drinks coasters as sold by this web site. Have a look at this page to see what is available

Ruislip porcelain Cottage

Ruislip drinks coasters

You could get your very own porcelain money box with Ruislip written on (as a bit of an after-thought by the look of it!). 

Ruislip BWB Tug Boat

Ruislip Lido Bust
Let's start this section with a boat! OK, you might have a job to buy it but there is a boat out there called Ruislip. 

Ruislip Lido Bust

Ruislip Lido Bust
I only ever saw one of these in the Breakspear Arms, and sadly it has been broken so no longer exists. 

A present from Ruislip

A present from Ruislip
A present from Ruislip. A very rare present from Ruislip I suspect.

Ruislip NCO Mug

Ruislip NCO club mug.
Ruislip NCO Club Mug

A fan from The Orchard in Ruislip

Orchard Ruislip fan

A fan from The Orchard restaurant in Ruislip

Painting of Wollworths in Ruislip

Painting of Woolworths in Ruislip

A painting by John Pittaway featuring the old Woolworths in Ruislip (was for sale on e-bay in 2021)

USAF Goblet from Ruislip

Ruislip USAF Goblet
USAF South Ruislip goblet

USAF Tankard from Ruislip

Ruislip USAF Tankard
USAF South Ruislip Tankard

The one and only R111SLP Number plate

Ruislip USAF Tankard
If you want to have the registration plate of R111SLP on your car then make me an offer here!

Ruislip Plates

There have been a number of porcelain plates issued which featured Ruislip where those I am aware of are shown here. 

Ruislip Plates

Ruislip Porcelain Plate

Ruislip Plates

Ruislip Porcelain Plate Colour

Ruislip Plates

A Ruislip Porcelain Plate

Ruislip Car Sticker

A Ruislip car sticker.

These are still available free of charge from Ruislip Online provided they are posted to an address actually in Ruislip.

Ask for one by sending your address on the contact page
Ruislip Online Car Sticker