Munitions Dump

The Munitions Dump that used to be in Ruislip Manor

The main access road to the site is now the western end of Sidmouth Drive.

The railway siding from the main line ran into the southern side of the large site and was linked to the internal narrow
gauge railway that crossed the Yeading Brook at a spot more or less in line with Beverley Road.

Six of the storage bunkers appear to have been located within the current boundary of Bessingby Park.

Other than Sidmouth Rd, it's unknown if anything else remains of any of the site structures or the crossing point over the brook.

Ruislip manor
WW II Munitions Dump

Ruislip Manor munitions dump map
Map showing layout of site & bunkers used for munitions storage.

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Ruislip Manor Munitions Dump

Ruislip Manor munitions dump
A aeriel photograph taken in 1934 shows the site prior to the development of Ruislip Manor.

The road in the middle of the image with the two roundabouts is Victoria Road.

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Ruislip Manor Munitions Dump

Munitions dump overlay
This overlay shows where the dump was in relation to the roads there today.

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The Munitions Railway in South Ruislip

Munitions Railway South Ruislip
This is an image of the munitions railway in the Victoria Road, Sidmouth Drive, Whitby Road, Torrington Road area of South Ruislip,circa 1920.

There was a standard gauge siding which took the explosive to Hayes,.

(Photo taken from Britain from above web site)