Murder In Ruislip of Steve Maddix

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Murder of Fredrick Bush

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Ruislip is, statistically, a very place safe to live. However over the years there have been a handful of murders committed in the area and the known ones are set out below in date order. I am grateful to those that wrote the articles in the first place and all I have done is chronicled them together.

By a strange coincidence the murders of Jean Townsend (1954) and Osman Shidane (2018) occurred in more or less the exact same spot. (The latter was eventually deemed manslaughter.)

Steve Maddix 1980 (?), Ruislip

Murder of Fredrick Bush

Even though the murder was more recent that those above it seems very little is written about it, perhaps because the person who carried it out was captured very soon after the crime was committed. 

Steve Maddix was in the Swan pub in Ruislip High Street when he tried to sell some jewellery to a girl in the pub (he was a gararious sort and a known "wheeler dealer"). It would seem the girl's boyfriend took offence to something said and asked him to "step outside" which he duly did and there the boyfriend stabbed him.

The boyfriend was subsequently captured the same evening down Bury Street near the youth club.

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