Murder In Ruislip of Osman Shidane

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Murder of Osman Shidane

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Ruislip is, statistically, a very place safe to live. However over the years there have been a handful of murders committed in the area and the known ones are set out below in date order. I am grateful to those that wrote the articles in the first place and all I have done is chronicled them together.

By a strange coincidence the murders of Jean Townsend (1954) and Osman Shidane (2018) occurred in more or less the exact same spot. (The latter was eventually deemed manslaughter.)

Osman Shidane, 2018, South Ruislip (Actually Manslaughter)

Murder of Osman Shidane

Osman, 20, was stabbed three times in the street in May, one about four inches deep to his right thigh, one to his right arm that had gone right through his forearm and the fatal wound, about four inches deep, to his neck just below the ear.

The wounds were not slashes or glancing cuts, they were significant stab wounds.

A 17-year-old from Ruislip, who was 16 at the time of the attack, was found guilty of manslaughter on Monday (November 12) following an 11 day trial at the Old Bailey. He was acquitted of murder.

The court heard how Osman, from Ruislip, arranged to buy cannabis from the defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on May 15 this year.

Phone records later showed the defendant was regularly dealing drugs and the 20-year-old was one of his customers.

They had both arranged to meet that evening in an alleyway off Victoria Road, near St Gregory the Great Church and opposite The Old Dairy retail park.

Both Osman and the then 16-year-old went to the drug deal armed with knives and CCTV showed them both entering the alley.

A Met Police spokesman said while "what happened in the alley may never be known", at about 9pm a number of witnesses saw Osman runninig out of the alley being chased by the defendant, who caught up with him and put him a headlock.

Witnesses described seeing the teenager draw back his arm and strike Osman around the neck or chest area. He then ran off, as shocked members of the public went to help Osman.

Osman was calling for help and trying to get up, but he had a large wound to neck and he could be seen to be physically weakening.

Police and paramedics gave him first aid in the road before he was rushed to hospital. He did from his serious injuries on May 18.

A knife later found in the street was identified as probably having been carried by Osman.Members of the public rushed to try and help Osman Shidane in the street (Image: Qasim Peracha)Detective Inspector Jamie Stevenson, from the Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command, said Osman's death is stark reminder of the horrific consequences of carrying a knife.

DI Stevenson said: "Osman was a young man who was pursued and viciously stabbed to death in the street. It was a needless killing and the devastating effects will be felt by his family forever.

"Those who witnessed this crime will also have to come to terms with the aftermath, but I would like to personally thank all those members of the public who came to Osman's aid that night and tried to save him.

"The fact that his killer was only aged 16 at the time he carried out this terrible act makes this crime seem even more awful. As a result of carrying knives a young man has lost his life and another now faces years of incarceration.

"Young people may think carrying a knife is a game, but look at the consequences of Osman's manslaughter and tell me who has won."Victoria Road was cordoned off by police after the stabbing. Police found the defendant had called a taxi shortly after the stabbing and gone to Ruislp Lido.

Police believe he may have disposed the weapon used to stab Osman in the Lido as the knife has never been found.

The teenager was arrested on May 16 while cycling near a known address in The Fairway, Ruislip.

Officers were keeping the area under observation in order to find him. When they went to arrest him the defendant tried to cycle off, throwing cannabis from his pockets as he tried to escape.

He was sentenced to six and a half years for manslaughter in 2018

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