Express Dairy South Ruislip

Ruislip Bottling Dairy South Ruislip

Express Dairy South Ruislip
Down in South Ruislip where you will find the likes of Aldi and Asda etc. the once stood a bottling plant for Express Dairy. 

The company also had numberous shops in the area where the nearer was almost offosite the site on the corner of West Mead.

Express Dairy Victoria Road

Express Dairy Lorry
Victoria Road saw frequent trips along it by the large Express Diary lorries which had an altogether menacing feel, probably because this suburb hardly ever saw such large trucks.

The site became the Head Office for Express and Eden Vale in the mid 1950’s and there was much redevelopment that followed.

Express Dairy in South Ruislip 

Express Dairy South Ruislip being demolished
Peter Roper has written an extensive web site on Express Diary (and other firms in the group and this may be found here. It is well worth a visit.