Eastcote MOD (RAF Eastcote)

Lime Grove Entrance to Eastcote MOD

Eastcote MOD from Lime Grove

Note from Ruislip Online - This article was written by a visitor to the site for inclusion in an DTI staff magazine in around 1985. It has been very slightly edited.

As far as Ruislip Online, the writer and the writers direct superior are concerned there is nothing contained within it that is sensitive information. If you have any reason to think there is you are invited to contact Ruislip Online. The photographs were taken on 17th November 2005 and all from areas that are visible from the public highway/pathway. Permission was sought to take pictures "on site" but this was refused, and it was suggested that the "Press Office" in Blenhiem be contacted!

It is debateable as to if this is Ruislip or Eastcote but it is thought that the actual site is located in Eastcote. It is included here as it is still of local interest.

If you have any memories or pictures why not send them in...???

There are links to the article in qustion and much more information about this site at the foot of this page.

Below: The site coutesy of Google Earth. The road doing a "dog leg" on the left of the picture is Eastcote Road the road going "up" towards the foot of the picture is Kent Gardens and to the right of it is Lime Grove (a dead end).
The Old Eastcote MOD site

Eastcote MOD site 

Eastcote MOD site
The same site cleared and the construction of the new housing is moving on apace (again from Goole Earth)

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