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This little gem was sent to Ruislip Online, and is repeated here as it is such a lovely little tale. The name of the writer has not been shown, for no real reason

I used to be one of the drivers on the 98b service that used to run from Ruislip to Rayners Lane via Pinner. I agree that the vehicles had seen better days (mainly old Bristols) but the route was well used mainly as a shoppers bus during the middle part of the day but could be very busy in peak periods for business and school travellers.

The service was originally operated by Elms Coaches of Kenton following London Transport'sstrike (sometime around 1966) and then by Atlas Coaches of Edgware and finally by Elmtree Transport of Wealdstone.

I drove part-time for each of these operators over several years and have fond memories of the route.

Particularly one snowy Saturday afternoon when my bus couldn't manage to make it up Bridge Street in Pinner. I popped into the Police Station and about half a dozen very willing coppers ran out and pushed the bus over the brow of the hill near the old Langham cinema.

I suppose one would be lucky to find the Police Station open these days never mind coppers inside it!

Bernard Cheek used to run Elmtree having separated from his father's business when the old man retired to Dartmouth.
Elmtree 98B bus route in Ruislip
And from the same gentleman...
I do remember taking a coachload of Scouts into Cornwall via the ferry.

The Scout leader had an OS map but it ran out at the border.

I ended up being directed down a narrow lane, back of beyond, supposedly to the camp site. Bristol bus got stuck.

I had to reverse back about half a mile.

Those hedges in Cornwall weren't. They were concealed stone walls.

Cue ominous graunching sounds! 
A 98B bus in Ruislip

98B Bus

A 98B bus in Ruislip

98B Bus

A 98B bus in Ruislip

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