Manor Home Extension

A curious tale of a strange extension...

It would appear that the owner of this house put in for a side extension under the rules of a "Permitted Development" by square footage and it was approved by Hillingdon Council who failed to notice that all the square feet were on top of each other. So, in a nutshell the council gave permission for a three story extension on a two story house, albeit one only say 10 feet deep!

Quick as a flash the owner of the house built it, first in wood and then in breeze blocks (below). 
Three story extension on a two story house in Ruislip
This was built in around 2001. The top "room" has since been removed but some 20 years later the "extension" remains unfinished. Apparently the owner put in to make the extension habitable (by making it deeper) and that was refused and an impasse has since ensued. 
Three story extension on two story house in Ruislip
The house looks pretty much like this today (2020)
Three story extension on the two story house in Ruislip