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Ruislip has had only a few "celebrities"
as residents, or has it?

Can you add some??

Name/Info (Random) Web Link Roughly where When (if known) Certainty?
Ainsworth, Gareth
(Gareth Ainsworth)
Info Ickenham Road
+ The Fairway
2006> 100%
Asquith, Robin
(Robin Asquith)
Info Old Hatch Manor 1970's 100%
Lady Mary Bankes Info     Likely
 Block, Brandon
(Brandon Block)
Info Off Howletts Lane 2005> 100%
 Bogdanov, Michael
(Michael Bogdanov)
Info Ruislip Court 1960 ish 100%
Bowles, Stan
(Stan Bowles)
Info Cornwall Road 1970?? 100%
Burt, Mick
(Mick Burt)
Info Queens Walk? to 2014 100%
Weston-Cobb, Madeline
(Madeline Weston-Cobb)
Info Nr Highgrove 2004..... 100%
Colleano, Con
(Con Colleano)
Info Kingsend/Wingfield Way?? 1940's?? Confirmation sought
Cotton, Ferne
(Ferne Cotton)
Info Kings College Road 2000 appx 100%
Dainty, Billy
(Billy Dainty)
Info Kingsend   100% 
 Donaghy, Siobhan
(Siobhan Donaghy)
Info Pavilion Way area 2005>? Likely
Faith, Adam
(Adam Faith)
Info Mahlon Drive 1949-1951 100%
Goodwin, Ron
(Rod Goodwin)
Info Dartmouth Road 1955 Likely
Gunning, Christopher
(Christopher Gunning)
Info Manor Way 1969-1971 100%
Sir Peter Hall Info Park Avenue ? 100%
Hanson, Michele
(Michele Hanson)
Info Old Hatch Manor 1960's 100%
Hatch, Tony
(Tony Hatch)
Info Eastcote Road   100%
Hagman, Larry
(Larry Hagman)
Info Stationed at USAF South Ruislip ? 100%
Hills, Julia
(Julia Hills)
Info Ducks Hill Road 1962-1971 100%
Holderness, Sue
(Sue Holderness)
Info Windmill Hill ? 100%
Hyde, Paul
(Paul Hyde)
Info Beverly Road 1999 100%
Johnson, Gregory H
(Gregory H Johnson)
Info Born at USAF South Ruislip   100%
Jordan Info Courtfield Gardens 2000 100%
Kilby, Reginald
(Reginald Kilby)
Info Broadwood Ave 1961-1984 100%
Krogers Info Cranley Drive 1961 100%
Lawton, Tommy
(Tommy Lawton)
Info Eversley Crescent 1940's 100%
Lee, Jackie
(Jackie Lie)
Info Manor Way 1969-1971 100%
Ben Lyon & Bebe Daniels Info Acacia Avenue (5?) Early 1960's 100%
Mackie, Neil
(Neil Mackie)
Info Broadwood Ave <2008> 100%
Mantovani Info Deane Ave   100%
Matthews, Jessie
(Jessie Matthews)
Info  Brooke Drive 1955 appx 100%
Mercer, Olive
(Olive Mercer)
Info King Edwards Road 1950s/60's 100%
Micklewhite, Stanley
(Stanley Caine)
(Stanley Micklewhite)
Info Unknown ???? > 2013 100%
Morris, Lana
(Lana Morris)
Info Deane Ave/Kingsend 1930> 100%
Morris, Oswald
(Morris Oswald)
Info Kingsend 1950'60's 100%
 Newlands, Anthony
(Anthony Newlands)
Info Field Way off Hill Lane ? 100%
North, Erika
(Erika North)
Info Ickenham Road 1990 > 100%
Perry, Denise
(Denise Perry)
Info Filey Way 1978>? 100%
Search, Gay
(Gay Search)
Info Courtfield Gardens <1961> 100%
Scouting For Girls Info Various addresses >2007 100%
Serkis, Andy
(Andy Serkis)
Info Unknown 1964> 100%
Shannon, Samantha
(Samantha Shannon)
Info Unknown 1990> 100%
Shanks, Don
(Don Shanks)
Info Queens Walk 1970's? Likely
Shearing, George Info Crescent Gardens 1940-1947? Likely
Slaap, Francis
(Francis Slaap)
Info Broadwood Avenue 1950's 100%
Speight, Johnny
(Jonny Speight)
Info Linden Ave   100%
Stack, Graham
(Graham Stack)
Info Ladygate Lane 2004> 100%
Tate, Phil 
(Phil Tate)
Info Torcross/Broadwood/Wood Lane/Old Hatch Manor
1950-1987 100%
Thomas, Dave
(Dave Thomas)
Info Park Ave 1960's 100%
Tucker, Mick
(Mick Tucker)
Info Torcross Raod & Beverley Road 1960's and 1970's 100%
Waldman, Ronnie
(Ronnie Waldman)
Info Kingsend 1930> 100%
West, Timothy
(Timothy West)
Info Queens Walk 1950 appx 100%
Williams, Beverly
(Beverly Williams)
Info Dulverton Road 1970 appx 100%
Wilmott, Gary
(Gary Wilmott)
Info West Mead ? 100%
Winstone, Eric
(Eric Winstone)
Info Glenella Road ? Likely
Wood, Arthur
(Arthur Wood)
Info ? 1960's 100%


Famous people who folk think at sometime lived in Ruislip, but it seems did not - unless you can PROVE IT!

Name Where we think they lived More info?
Cook, Sue

(Sue Cook)

Milverton Drive, Ickenham  
Connolly, Brian

(Brian Connolly)

Denham Actually was never in Ruislip. A memorial to him is at Breakspear Crematorium but he was cremated at Denham. As a child he lived in Harefield.
Christie, Linford
(Linford Christie)

Copse Wood Way, Northwood  
Grant, Russell
(Russell Grant)
Aylesham Drive, Ickenham  
Moorhouse, Alan
(Alan Moorhouse)
Lowlands Road, Eastcote 1970's - The man famous for this
Wood, Ronnie
(Ronnie Wood)
Yiewsley Went to Manor School, can't be traced as living in Ruislip at any time

Key - 

Unconfirmed:- Means that somebody has suggested it with some degree of background knowledge of the person, but it is either still being investigated or the information is a little thin and can't be relied on. If any more information come to light then this status will change. If you know anything let Ruislip Online know.

Likely:- Is more or less as above but the information is stronger and there is now a greater degree of certainty. Doubts may still remain however.

100%:- Means that I am completely satisfied that the person concerned did at some time live in Ruislip from the information I have received to date. 

Who has been buried/cremated here???



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