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The White Bear


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A listed building on the road out of Ruislip towards Ickenham it has two gardens, a grassy one to the rear by its car park and a patio at the front. No pub in Ruislip offers such entertainment on a sunny day than this. The five exit mini roundabout offers near misses on a regular basis, and some not so near, but given that everyone is only going slowly it offers the onlooker more of a show than a sick interest in the macabre! 

This pub is now a "High Class" restaurant and can be very busy. It is not cheap, not even for a pint and don't expect to get just a pie to go with it. It can also be frighteningly noisy inside and that without any piped music.

Old picture of the pub in the background, and that roundabout, taken from Sharps Lane

Where it is, by road

It is on Ickenham Road, which leaves Ruislip High Street at the crossroads in the centre, towards Ickenham. Proceed along Ickenham Road to the dreaded roundabout and then take the second exit, where the first (Kingsend which comes up from the traffic lights by the station in Ruislip High Street)  is almost a u-turn to your left. This is Wood Lane, the entrance to the car park is only 20 yards down this road to your right. Alternatively, from the traffic lights in Ruislip, head up Kingsend towards Ickenham and at the roundabout take the first exit in to Wood Lane. 


Telephone Number - 01895 679770

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Real ale


Access via public transport

Reasonable From the tube station walk to the traffic lights and then head up Kingsend along side Quilters. It is at the top of the hill by the roundabout to the left.. Total walk from the tube station about 15 minutes away and the U1 bus stops very nearby, which runs from Ruislip Station to Uxbridge and beyond.  It is about the same distance from West Ruislip station as Ruislip Station

Pub Crawl Potential

OK. The The Orchard is on the other side of the roundabout, so you could spend an evening flitting between to two. In Ruislip High Street there are four pubs, but you face a 15 minute walk to the nearest, Bar 101 (via Ickenham Road) or The Crock of Gold via Kingsend.

Ruislip Online review

I visited this pub soon after it changed to a Gasto Pub (in late 2015) and was pleased to see you can still just have a drink in there, and there is some real ale. It is much as it was for layout except the loos have been moved upstairs and there is more bar space down (a bit). On the night I called in it was rammed and even though there was no music on you had to shout to be heard, which is a self perpetuating disaster as it means the person next to you has to shout to be heard over you...and so on.

The price of the drinks was WAY too much, I only had one round (two drinks) and then went over the road to the Orchard and the same round (of two) was almost 25% cheaper! (beer and a glass of white wine).

You can still get access in to the pub from the door in to the garden meaning that all those folk paying lots of money to eat in the restaurant have to put up with people walking in and out past their table.....romantic not!!

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Anything special? 

Well the aforementioned roundabout. Before is was put there where Kingsend and Wood Lane came out in to what was then just a cross roads there was a little bit of "no mans land!"! An acquaintance who was a driving examiner told me he went the wrong way around this roundabout around once a week. Sharps Lane is now one way, away from this junction, when it was two way the fun was even greater.

If you sit outside on a sunny Sunday a plethora of people will stop and ask you for directions to Ruislip Lido, so have a good laugh and print out the page linked say six times, folk will think you are a genius and it will save you having to keep repeating yourself! Lido directions from The White Bear

February 2011 - Its had a refurb. Great news. See web site http://www.whitebearpub.co.uk/

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