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The George


Situated at the bottom of the High Street by the church and duck pond etc. this pub is just on the Harefield/Rickmansworth road (Bury Street) out of town, and by just I mean 20 yards!

If you have read other pages in the pubs section you will see that some have changed their names over the years, well this is one that not only changed its names but went totally off the rails in some sort of mid-life crisis.

For years it was The George Hotel, standing quietly at the bottom of Ruislip High Street with its bar and, I assume, letting bedrooms. It was a quintessential English place, you expected Jeeves to arrive from the back at any moment.

Then, in the early eighties somebody went potty. They decide to make The George Hotel in to some sort of trendy bar. The inside was gutted, old "proper"  floors were replaced with thin laminated stuff, standard lamps with spots, Bach with .... well you can guess. But the people who did this had two more aces to play. They changed the name of the place to Sullivans and painted the outside lime green! This is a conservation area and the local folk of Ruislip went mad.

Hardly anybody went there. I did, once, to "We don't sell cider Sullivans". I never went again. It did not last very long. 

Now it is part of the Harvester chain of restaurants and has half decent floors, is painted cream (should have been either white or magnolia, but we will not go there) and is The George. I am not sure about the veranda at the front but I guess anything would have been passed to get it back to some sense of normality.

Where it is, by road

At the bottom end of Ruislip High Street near the roundabout and church. Turn down Bury Street, the car park is 20 yards down on the left.


Telephone Number - 01895 622109

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Real ale


Access via public transport

Good. Ruislip tube is just ten minutes away and the H13 bus stops very nearby.

Pub Crawl Potential

Good, Bar 101 is five minutes up the High Street to the right and The Crock of Gold is just beyond that as you leave, and towards better public transport links.


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Anything special? 

Nice building, now it is not green!.

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