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From time to time Ruislip Online is sent pictures or pieces that do not fall in to any real category. For this reason this page has been created. A mishmash of all things sent to me that are to do with Ruislip, (or will be of interest to those from Ruislip) that just do not have a box to go in!



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Please note Ruislip Online does NOT hold copyright to just about everything on this page!!! These items are offered here as, generally, they are of historical interest to those that might visit this site. If you own copyright to anything you see here then you are invited to contact Ruislip Online and it will be removed forthwith.

Above St Martin's Church in 1987, note the long grass in the churchyard!


(Comments from a visitor to Ruislip Online, can you help? info@ruislip.co.uk if you can)
I would like to get the names that come with these faces in the football team above. I remember the faces but only three of the names plus myself. I am 3rd from the left in the back row, Brian Moore is beside me and Derek Young is 6th from the left , back row. Jim Dawes is 2nd from left in front row. I think this team represented Ruislip or Ruislip Manor and I think we played near Hillingdon.
Ref famous team photo, memories dim as time passes but: Back row left - (Sir) Jack Norbury, next to him Jimmy Sharpe. As for me I am second from right in front row (where I got that Med tan I don't know) Best Regards Alan Barnett






Pictures from a VE Day party in Ladygate Lane.

And another in the "Blue Circle" (?) where the children were from Exmouth Road
(could be VJ day?)

Left, VE day party Exmouth Road

I have just come across this old photo (left)  of a V J Party taken in 1945. It was at the end of Elmbridge Close as you can see we had a bonfire  on the road a few days before, I was ten years old at the time. There was a footpath which led to a narrow lane which ran down beside our house to the Ruislip or Eastcote Tennis Club. I left Ruislip when I was sixteen my parents moved to Cornwall, where I have lived ever since. It was most interesting to see the photos of the MOD Buildings, also to learn something of what went on there, we used the footpath when we were going to the pictures or shops in Eastcote as I remember it cost us 7d or seven old pennies the cheapest seats of course. Also the photos of Highgrove House which was opposite our house we used to go across the field there was a moat in front of the house where we caught newts, we scrumped apples from the orchard and at the bottom of the garden was a large pond where we caught water snakes. during the war we followed barrage balloons that broke loose and collected shrapnel and bullets that could be found after most raids. I also have many memories walking across the common and through the woods to the Lido we even skated on it during the winter

More ARP Memories

To the left is a photograph of a group of A.R.P. Wardens taken I believe in about 1940. They manned Post K4 which was situated in the field off Beverley Road, Ruislip Manor (I think it is now a school site and may have been called Bessingby Road playing field). My father Herbert Henry Hunt is at the left of the photograph on the back row, but I do not know the names of the other men (the warden top row second from the right has since been named as Sidney Chapman).

At the outbreak of war in September 1939 there was no telephone at the Warden's post and as we were one of the few families in Beverley Road to have a telephone and my father was an A.R.P. Warden living near to the A.R.P. Post, all calls warning of air raids were to have been made to our home. There would have been an amber warning for approaching enemy aircraft followed by a red warning for an imminent attack. On receipt of the amber warning I had to run to the Warden's Post to tell them to get ready to sound the warning siren and when a red warning came through I had to run to the Post again so that the siren would be sounded. Fortunately this arrangement lasted only a short time before the Warden's Post was connected to the telephone and I did not have to carry out this duty.
(Derek Hunt)

Where MacDonald's now stands we once had a cinema, which, in the 60's was clad in Bacofoil!

Embassy being demolished

Embassy being demolished


Victoria Road where it meets Cornwall Road

This was knocked down to make way for Sainsbury's, which itself was knocked down for The Thomas More Building. See
New Ruislip

The picture above is described as a "Canadian Army Hut and was in the grounds of Harefield Hospital - does anyone remember it. If so e-mail me

The three pictures above almost certainly came from a book promoting living in Ruislip Manor, put out by Manor Homes

Railway Air Services'  Dakota  G-AGZA

The Dakota on the roof of a house subsequently named "Dakota Rest", Angus Drive, South Ruislip, from 19th December 1946


The Dakota - nose first



Amazing pictures of the best Rolls Royce in the world!
Even more amazingly there is no connection between the owner of this car and the owner of the Honda on the right, but they live in the same city. They do not even know each other!!

London ring road planned. Most of Ruislip Manor affected!!!! (Click on image left to view)

......and whilst we are on this subject of maps, take a look at the map above (click on it to enlarge it) and have a look at the playing field for Queensmead School - in it you will see there are two roads!!! This map also shows another common local error, with Exmouth Drive joining Queens Walk - it never did!

Harrow Aerodrome - had it been built much of South Ruislip would not!!





Above, general series taken on or around Northolt

The (in)famous Pan Am Boing 707 that landed at RAF Northolt by mistake on October 25th 1960. The pilot thought it was Heathrow!!!!

The pictures left and right are copyright to the George Trussell Collection. Permission has kindly been given to use them here.

Left and right, copy of a Xmas card that Morris of the Manor would send out to their customers.

(If anyone has a picture of this shop you are asked to contact Ruislip Online)


The Ship used to stand on Joel Street, Eastcote

The train pictured left was lost...very lost!!!!

This pair of semis (left) in Howletts Lane are unremarkable at first glance, but a second glance shows that there is a blue plaque just below the eves and in the centre of the pair. So why? Well apparently these were the first houses ever built by Prowting Homes. (Prowting was bought by Westbury for £141m in 2002)

Some people just cannot get away - here are some pictures from Australia - so do you have a house with a name we should see????

Click on the image to the left to read a police evacuation notice issued (in this case) to a resident of Beverley Road.

The amazing image to the left comes from a 1937 book entitled:-


told by Stephen King-Hall. 

London, Evans Brothers Ltd,

Montague House,

Russell Square,

W.C.1., & 

Printed by R. Clay and Sons Ltd, Bungay, Suffolk.

Click image to enlarge, it's well worth it!!

Prefab house in Southbourne Gardens



Alvin Stardust crossing the road in Ruislip

Dave Allen comes to Ruislip....for £10


Mrs Blunders causes crash at Ruislip Manor lights

Above, Mrs Finch taking delivery of her brand new Ford Popular. Mrs Finch was the first person ever to win a car on a British TV game show, namely, Take Your Pick, in 1955. She lived, with her family, in Ladygate Lane.


RAF Northolt from above in 1940

Click the picture to read more about Eastcote's oldest Pub

Click the pictures to read all about the goings on at the old MOD site and all about the old Manor House in Eastcote and the gardens today

Published with the permission of David Seale


Published with the permission of David Seale

The old Smithy, long since demolished.



If you have found this page of interest then you can see a number of pictures more loosely related to Ruislip and sent in by one visitor here

There is another fascinating page all about what is was like in Hillingdon to be aged six and have diphtheria (in 1935!). Read it here.

And load more similar pictures may be found on this web site


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The piece below recounts memories of an ARP post in the war.
Post H4. This was initially a sunken structure on the triangle at the intersection of Manor Way with Midcroft but was moved later to an above surface shelter on the green  where West Hatch Manor and Manor Way meet. I have an illuminated address prepared in ornate calligraphy by one of the wardens that was presented to the Misses Cook. It reads as follows:


J.C. Lewis (Post Warden), R. E. Williams (Deputy Post Warden), H. E. Browne, E. L. Bruguier, P. G. Edwards, J. A. Fuggle, A. E. Green, G. N. Green, W. F. Hall, F. Keane, W. Scott, J. A. Scrivener, F. D. Simpkins, A. V. Thurston, H. B. Watts, H. Williams, F. Winton.

I remember the Misses Cook clearly, and some of the Wardens named.

The address measure 10 by 12 inches and is illuminated in colour and gilt. I don't recall which if the wardens executed this work but do recall one of them was a draughtsman, Scrivener perhaps?. I inherited the address in its present, original frame. It hangs in our front hall so the patriotic efforts of these two ladies is not forgotten!

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